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In PHOENIX School, we observe, diagnose and help those children who have learning difficulties. An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is prepared for each child after class room observation and psychological testing. Observation is done for a whole month to complement the testing. The IEP is modified whenever the teacher observes and identifies the need for such a change. The emphasis is on seeing "Where the child was yesterday, where the child is today and where the child will be tomorrow". Comparison is consciously avoided. The children either appear for the Xth standard examination under the SSC Board or National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), depending upon their ability. The strength of phoenix is 130. We focus on finding the strengths of the child instead of weaknesses.

PHOENIX School,with the will and spirit to "rise from the ashes" as its proverbial namesake, is ready to take on any challenge that it might face. All it needs is to strengthen its wings - the wings of ambition, wings of knowledge and strength, wings that are eager to spread out and fly in the open sky of this world.

Each one of us can learn something from these children, each one of us can contribute in various ways to ensure that these children get the best opportunity to conquer the world !!

LARC ( Learning Assistance and Research Center )

LARC welcomes children who are mentally or physically challenged, who suffer from Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Locomotor Disorder, Speech, Visual and Hearing Impairments. LARC, too, prepares an IEP for each child, finds out and focuses on the strengths of the child and helps the child to gain self confidence and to overcome his/her weaknesses in the process. LARC helps the students to improve their self help and life skills.

Happy and confident students, moving about in wheelchairs or with walkers in the nature friendly premises of Prism, is always a joyful sight.

A physiotherapist and a speech therapist are an integral part of our team. Their regular intervention has proved to be extremely helpful to the children. The strength of LARC is 100.

Every child is being provided by both mental and physical stimulation - be it through books or recreational activities, sports or physiotherapy sessions - for those children that require that extra bit of attentaion.

LARC not only works with these children but also acts as a constant bridge between the child and his/her parents. It provides support in term of knowledge and information, emotional support and all in all helps the child's progress to continue even in the home environment.

MOVS School ( Madhavi Ogale Vocational School )

It is our belief that with adequate effort, appropriate guidance and plenty of opportunities, every individual can become a capable, productive and respectable human being who can be an asset to the community. The young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 years enroll in MOVS. They learn screen printing, paper making, canning, file making, flour mill operations, bakery products and cooking and catering skills. They also learn supplementry skills such as costing, marketing and packing. Some of them are absorbed as assistants to teachers in appropriate wings of Prism and are paid a stipend for their contribution. The strength of MOVS is 42.

BTI ( Bennu Training Institute )

We make conscious and constant effort for spreading awareness and raising understanding of "Special Education" in mainstream schools and society at large. We visit schools and training colleges and any interested group, for spreading awareness and conducting workshops, making pictorial presentations in various schools to help the teachers in observing and diagnosing children if they have any learning differences.

We provide in-house professional training to new teachers and conduct refreshers' courses for experienced teachers. We have open training programs for teachers and students from other educational institutes and guide the trainees from schools in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. We are open to expanding in other states also, if we are approached by organizations apart from these two states.

We are also aware of the several issues that the parents of special children have to deal with every day and the weight of constant stress they have to carry in their minds. We support them by helping them to get equipped to meet the challenges that they have to face by arranging special programs for them. We encourage them to form a support group. We involve professionals of high caliber in the various programs conducted by Bennu, in order to enrich the team or Prism.


Srujanarang is our most innovative wing, where we give opportunity to children from all the 3 schools to express themselves freely and creatively. It is our conviction based on well researched and proven facts that art can make a miraculous difference in the lives of human beings.

We use dance, drama, music, drums, pottery and painting in Srujanrang and help children experience the joy of creativity and heal from emotional disturbances.

We keep a detailed record of the behavioral changes in each child and use it for interacting with and counseling parents about their child's development and how they may complement their development at home too.